Sat evening dilemma

I have an 82 and a 250-2 ( with a supercap). I have a choice to upgrade for similar cost by either replacing the 82 with 282, or replacing the 250-2 with 135’s. Which way to go?

135s - no doubt. 82 to 282 is sideways, maybe a touch more detail

I can testify that 82/sc/135’s is a very fine amp indeed. I know nothing of your other option. Others will help out there.

Edit: I just looked at your system in your profile. I would go 135’s for a different sounding system to your system No1. A NAC282 is too similar to that which you already have.

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another vote for 82/135s. I had that combo (+supercap) for a while and it sounded wonderful.

Yes I fancy something I haven’t tried before. The 135’s are different enough from everything I read, that makes me want to hear them. If I can get a set at the right price then if I don’t gel with them, they could be moved on.

Absolutely! and you shouldn’t lose out financially.

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