Satellite Spectacular

If you’re interested in a satellite spectacular & assuming you have a clear sky, & if you’re in Europe …

Aprx 21:55 to 21:59 BST in UK & Ire or 22:50 to 23:05 in mainland Europe
All depending on were you’re located, coming from the west to east, overhead in UK, you will see a long string of satellites pass over.

They are 60 Starlink satellites launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX
They were launched into space in March but their current orbital position has made them easier to see in recent days. More than 300 satellites have been launched so far, with the network eventually set to reach 12,000, rising to as many as 42,000 in the future.
Once in place, the network – known as a mega constellation – will be able to beam internet coverage down to any location on Earth.


Yes good clear night for it tonight. It’s a pretty high elevation pass too so should be a good view.

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Only saw one. Have a stiff neck now.

Unfortunately, didn’t see any.

Thanks for the heads-up though.

I know I’ve just come in, so no doubt 10 of them went over in Red Arrows formation just now.

Night sky pollution.


Sorry folks, a bit of a no show.
I saw about 5 or 6, a bit too much light pollution from my garden. My nieghbour went 1/2 mile up the hill & into open countryside & saw a lot more

One thing I did see at about 21.59 & about 10 degrees north of the satellite track was a bright flash, not a meteorite, more like a high altitude explosion - very strange

Saw a big bright blob that was in my very inexperienced opinion too bright for Venus which according to my app was in that area.
Blurry terrible pic from iPhone out the back of my house.

The big bright(est) ‘star’ in the NNW is Venus.

Only 3 seen here. A bit of high cloud obscuring the view. I did see a flash, just assumed it was from one of the first gen Iridium satellites.

Hi Graeme,

I was just about to post about that.

I’m pretty sure it is Venus, but probably the brightest I’ve ever seen it.


A friend who lives across the road messaged me last night to look out and see the 10-20 planes flying over. The flight path was more like a satellite, but as it’s the first time either of us had seen the Space- X constellation the number of tracks fooled us for a while. Quite a spectacular show.

Going by the app “Star Walk”, Venus was just out of shot to the right. This was pointing due west. The app may not be calibrated well if at all though!

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Yes its Venus, its been on show for about 6 weeks & will be visible thru April & into May.
It will reach its absolute brightest on 28 April. It shows at full brightness its at maximum elongation, that is (put simply) when we are looking at it when its sun lit area is like a half moon
It will be on show with the new moon on 26th April


Is this what they are meant to look like ?
Just took this from outside the garden.


With my iPad I just took this photo. From my window.


Managed to see a dozen or more satellites, and thanks for confirming Venus. Good heads up, a family fun during lockdown.

Oh, that’s what they were., thanks Mike, saw them on Sunday evening at about 9::30 pm,
For a while I thought the spacebrothers were about to land and save humanity. It is quite a sight to see though.

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I reckon we saw three traverse the sky in a ten-minute period between 9.50 and 10pm last night. They were single points of light taking perhaps 90 seconds to cross the sky with about three minutes between each. I assume these were the satellites.


Boom-tish!! :grinning: :rofl: :joy:

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