Saving the white Naim boxes - anyone flatten / break them down?

My wife, reasonably, would love to recover some of the storage space taken up by my ~12 white Naim boxes, tt box, rcm box, etc.

If I break them down, I still have to deal with the foam inserts . . . .

Has anyone decided to flatten them and been happy with that choice?? I suppose I could wrap up the inserts, mark on the bags what they are from, and overall it should save space???

You’ll regret it when it comes to time to sell them/trade them in/have them serviced surely?


They DO take up some space don’t they! I’ve tried to keep most, unflattened because of the inserts…if my wife ever gets up in the loft, I’m in trouble…but the Fraim boxes just had to go. Only a five level, but blimey, they’d have really given me storage problems

The one box I’ll never throw out is the LP12 box. I’m allowed to keep that :smiley:

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Marriage is all about compromise so flatten the RCM box and leave the rest :grin:

Oh I’d keep them, just flat, with the innerds separately. I would never throw them out. Just trying to decide about flattening them.

Probably not a significant change in total box volume ha ha

Sbl boxes fit in ovators 600 boxes. Heh!

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I personally wouldn’t break them down, as the boxes could lose their structural integrity (especially the ones that still use the long copper staples).

I’m fortunate that there’s plenty of space under the house. A couple of plastic pallets on the dirt to protect the boxes should any moisture make it under the house, and they’re all good.

I can’t imagine the nightmare I would have if I had to store them anywhere in the house.

We have a section of the attic devoted to Naim and other audio boxes. I am embarrassed to say how many when we include the Fraim boxes, the 500 system, the Nait system and the MuSo. To say nothing of the HiLine and Powerline boxes, three boxes for the Verdier, RCM, etc… Wish we still had the Isoblue boxes! If you ever want to upgrade, especially through your dealer, you must have the boxes. MUST. It is a bone of contention every time we go up to the attic.

Stay strong.


Thanks Skip – keeping them is a must, that’s for sure. The topic comes up and then fades . . . so I’m safe for now ha ha. But if I could flatten them and save space, it’d be a win.

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Much to Mrs Pete’s frustration I still have all my boxes and packaging for everything Naim box I own neatly stored under the stairs.

Maybe throw away 50% of the boxes. You won’t be needing all of them for servicing repairs etc.
(I still have all of them)

No think I’ll keep them, when you trade something in it’s always better to have the original packaging.

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Are you going to trade in more than 50% of the boxes at the same time?

Each box matches a product, I have the space to keep them so it isn’t a big deal (unless your Mrs Pete).

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I chucked mine all away. Now I have 6 replacement boxes arriving this week flown from the UK. They are expensive (especially flown 6000 miles)… but cheaper than a 1m storage locker would have been over the past six years.

If you can keep them at all do. You can neatly flatten them along fold lines without weakening them. Then slide them into bin liners to keep out moisture and shove them under the sofa or behind a bookcase or something. The foam ears take more creativity. Just gotta find nooks and crannies I’m afraid. It’s the bane of small home living I understand all too well.

The boxes that the op has are all the same. Except for the 500.

nice way to do it ! :slight_smile:

I like that way of thinking, the OP could indeed consider the timeframe in which he expects they would be needed again.

I built a nice looking lean-to on the side of the house
It now holds… bicycles… box’s …salt (water softener) model aeroplanes etc etc

Very useful