SBL Bass Drivers (another time)

Hi everyone

anyone knows (or has ever tried) if you can replace the bass driver of the SBL (mk2) with those of the Intro?

in an old post I read that you could use those of the Credos …

having the possibility to buy Intro, I was interested to understand if even the Intro can go well for this purpose …

Thx in advance


I believe that the units from the Intro are of lesser quality than those of the SBL. I’m sure @Richard.Dane can confirm.

Yup, the Intro mid/bass drivers look similar but are actually quite different and definitely not suitable for the SBLs. Beware of of people selling “Naim bass drivers” on the usual online sites - I’ve seen a few that were Intro drivers!

Credos use the same type of mid/bass driver as SBLs, just not so tightly selected or matched, so they could be used in a pinch. Same for Allaes, but would be a shame to scavenge from them…

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Thanks Richard… :+1:

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