SBL crossover mounting

I have a set of mk1 SBLs updated to mk2 that I have owned for many years.
I purchased them second hand from someone who had used them active, so the crossovers were never mounted.

I have ever since just had the crossovers hanging loose at the back of the cabinets - I think I was told this was preferable over mounting them. I noticed recently that the cabinets are actually pilot drilled for mounting the crossovers - should I look into mounting them or just leave them as is?


If you do mount them they have rubber washers between them on the screws

You are correct in remembering that hanging loosely is the preferred method
If they sound good and your happy…why change them

That’s good to know I got some 2nd hand PAXOs with my SBLs and always wondered if they should have been mounted though I never did or had the screws etc to fix them.

On another note do PAXOs need servicing any more than an internal crossover and if so can they be?

Yes… will definitely benefit from a service
But not sure if naim still offer this .
You might have to go “independent”


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