SBL grilles on or off?

Evening all, new member here!!! Stunned by my recently acquired late Mk2 SBLs, even though presently the source and amps are woefully inadequate… (CD5/122x/150x/flatcap XS). I know general consensus and original design is to have the foam grilles in place, but I’m experimenting tonight with them removed and am hearing a bit more top end crispness, slightly tighter mids and bass, but vocals seem to have dipped in the mix a little bit. Interested in on vs off opinions…??

On! To protect them against kids and cats.

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That looks like armour!
I always had the foam grills on … but they took some battering in my travels.

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the grilles certainly affect the sound, how could they not? I recently bought some replacement SBL grilles from Tomtom and got a noticeable uplift in clarity. Perhaps yours need cleaning or replacing?


I too bought the Tom Tom grills. Worth every penny. Not expensive for the quality and for the fact the speakers are so cheap these days for their performance.

I have used SBL’s with everything from a CD5X to CD555!

The grills are as new - more than likely after market replacements but not sure which ones. Just interesting that they make a real sonic difference

My original foam grilles are disintegrating into fine powder so I have them off currently - interesting they lasted nearly 20 years and only seem to have become fragile since I had the SBLs in storage a few years ago.

They are fantastic speakers.

They have taken some beating already! I believe in integrating music in our family life and have taken measures to do so.

My previous loudspeakers got new tweeters twice. These sbls are too good, I won’t risk having them damaged.


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