SBL issue


Noticed that one of my SBLs had what looked like a white disc trapped between the bottom of the frame and the bottom box. Thinking my grandson had shoved something in I tried to prise it out with no success but to my surprise I found I was able to push, whatever it is, up inside the bottom cabinet!

Any ideas what it is and if it’s a problem? Speaker sounds OK by the way.


Hi Mayburyds,

You had me crawling around on the floor with a torch! Couldn’t see anything that I would describe as a white disc.

If no-one comes up with a more useful observation I would be inclined to be phone support and have a chat …and then let the rest of us know what they say :wink:

It may well be a washer. I can’t say I can recall all the parts of a totally disassembled pair of SBLs, but I do recall a washer upgrade applied to the IBL between frame and cabinet, so I guess the SBL uses the same. Anyway, if you’re really worried then as Mr Underhill suggests above, it might be worthwhile giving your dealer or Naim a call.

Thanks for the replies.

It looked like a disc when I first saw it but when I pushed it up inside the cabinet my guess it’s some sort of tube that fits inside!


That rings true. When I had mine IIRC, when looked at from underneath, there were two tubes at the front of the lower box that went around the front (internal) legs of the metal frame. But maybe memory is playing tricks.

Could be that one of the tubes has dropped.

Yep, that sounds about right!

What do they do, should I be worried?


Probably should be worried if the lower box is no longer sealed. Does the relevant speaker still pass the woofer push test?

Good point.

Seems OK, I push the cone in and at first it comes back out quite fast but then slows down to final resting place.


I’d email Naim for peace of mind.


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Ok, will do.

Thanks for all the replies.


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Got a response from Naim about the mysterious tube!

"Hi, thank you for sending through the picture. I have managed to speak to somebody who was involved in speaker production. This is a plastic pipe which surrounds the upright part of the frame. He said that the glue can fail and the tube drop out. He advised to use some PVA glue around the bottom of the tube. This will attache it in place.

You may find the other 3 will do the same at some point."


Thanks M,

I’ll wait for the tubes to fall on mine too!

Excellent information. Thanks for posting.

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