SBL main drivers - replacement

I managed to blow a main driver on my Mark 2 SBLs over the weekend.
Too loud for too long, the coil has broken away from the cone. presumably the glue melted.
Naim are now out of replacement supplies and I am keen to restore my favourite speakers.
Does anyone know where I can source a replacement pair?
Thanks in advance

Naim may be able to supply new drivers. Check the crossover for overheated components and it may be worth checking the tweeters too.

SBLs are not massively inefficient so it must have been at hearing damaging levels. :scream:

Sticking within the rules a competent Naim dealer would be able to fix the crossovers, or try Darran at Class A; this should help keep repair costs down.

You were right about the crossovers! Thanks

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