SBL Mk 2 Drivers....discontinued

Looking more closely at both Falcon & Wilmslow, it seems that the Linn speakers (Kan, Sara & Iso) are well served in terms of new/replacement drive units. As are a few other manufacturers.

I believe the Naim speakers used Scanspeak HF units - these are also generally available (although there has been much discussion elsewhere on here, about the correct version being discontinued).

The crux of the problem is the Mid or LF units that Naim chose. Originally made for Naim by Mordaunt Short and later by Naim themselves. These are the Hens’ Teeth that owners are looking for.

Wilmslow do mention a surround replacement service they offer. Might be worth an SBL owner trying them, maybe…? If its the Surround that’s gone…?

(As you say - if its the Voice Coil, thats maybe trickier.)

Hens’ teeth indeed…

The Linn loudspeakers of that generation used Kef drivers, which were also used in many other manufacturers boxes, including some of the BBC licenced/derived loudspeakers - which sort of brings us back to the economics. There’s enough people around that want them for it to make sense for someone to (re)manufacture them.

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Linn’s speakers also used Scanspeak HF units.

But as you say, the mid/LF units were from KEF (B110 or B139).

I did try falcon acoustics again but they don’t have the time to lol at reproducing a similar mid/bass unit

I think repairing the existing Naim (or MS) units, is the way to go. Rather than trying to find new ones.

The problem is that the Naim/MS Mid/LF design is fully bespoke. Its not (AFAIK…?) derived from anything. Whereas the HF units are Scanspeak.

I’ve bin looking at second hand credos and sbls. But so far…. None of them have mk2 drivers

Credos should all have Naim-built mid/bass drivers. Note that the similar looking driver used in the Intro is not the same. It is a simpler driver and not suitable for use in Credos or SBLs.

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but the difficulty is…finding mk 2 drivers. I can purchase the basic driver that naim used for the MK 1 from Willy’s hifi…granted that they wont be modded.

All Allae and Credo speakers will have Naim’s own drivers. So will the SBL from 1996 onwards. The Intro mk1 and 2 have drivers maybe look the same but they’re different in many ways.

You just need patience.

What drivers do Willys sell?? Surely not the old M-S ones?

Monacor spm 205

They say this is their nearest équivalant….to the mk 1s

Oh I might have misread your post. Didn’t realise the credos have the mk 2 drivers in them.

It’s a bit sad really. My sbls came via Julian vereker via my late friend and band member …Alan Murphy.

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Listed as being similar to the KEF B200. Also available from Wilmslow.

As to whether these are a suitable replacement for the various Naim applications, who can say… :thinking:

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