SBL mounting - minimum distance for tweeter cabinet?

Hi guys,

I just saw, that at one of my Sbl‘s the tweeter cabinet is mounted with a bit less distance than the other. Just remembered that is was a bit difficult due to the old screws.
I know that there is some cardbox help, wich I can use or make myself a new one. Remember that it was stuck in between when I fixed the screws :0)

Is there a minimum distance which is needed due to sonic reasons?
There is definitely air in between (1 to 1,5mm). The upper cabinet is properly fixed and separated from the one below - separated as it comes with the Naim SBL :slight_smile:

I very much like to leave it as it is, as I am happy to have the Sbl set up. And my eyes are not near field performers anymore (new glasses ahead again …)

Is this fine for sound quality or do I need to remount with more space in between?

Thanks guys

Ps: if such topic should be merged with other open threads - please tell me. By the way… this Forum is Perfect. So much helpful information!

PS2: for cosmetic reasons I need to remount sbl - please do not trigger this :slight_smile: :grin:

There is a nice photo on the web somewhere where a kraftwerk lp sleeve is used for distancing. I think that is quite right!

I also had made used some cardboard and I have some Kraftwerk lps as well.

But do I need to do it again? Or is it fine as it is?

Edit: with „quite right“ you mean as it is - that’s fine :slight_smile:

The fact that you choose to ask suggests you are unhappy with it. If they were mine - I’ve owned three pairs over the years - I’d want them exactly the same. Even if it made no sonic difference it would look right. Imagine having one of your sideburns longer than the other - it’s just not right. Get that piece of cardboard out and in ten minutes it will be sorted out.

LoL … just asked my girlfriend what sideburn means… :slight_smile:

You are correct - once you know where to look, you can’t unlook.
But if have heared for a really long time as it is. Also trying to avoid any hypochondriac issues when hearing after fixing. :wink:

Remember having some time spent for side adjustment…

The reason I ask is only for sound reasons … but with common sense, I admit that it is a bit silly to ask. Separated cabinet is also seperated with less air in between.

Ps: by the way: like your avatar (totoro) picture

Fixed it … took me some time as I wanted it 100 % but now my haircut is symmetric … thanks for pushing me.

By the way. I have chips on the way and ordered new Sbl spikes.
Mine are a bit rusty.
I have a „cool room“ with tiles and Nevertheless would like to give the chips a try. Which position do you recommend for the chips. Intended position or upside down?

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All cool rooms with SBLs require a photograph or two either here or on system pics thread. It is mandatory.



Will do so - I promise


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