SBL packaging advice

Does anybody have experience of how to pack SBLs back into their original boxes for transit?
Appreciate any advice from the old timers… not a lot of knowledge with dealers etc down here in the nether reaches of Europe! :grimacing:

From memory, each large cardboard box contains:

A thick cardboard base which has a couple of pieces of spongey ‘railway track’ on it upon which the spiked lower box can stand.

Two polystyrene side pieces.

One squarish polystyrene piece that separates the lower and mid boxes and prevents the pads from being pierced.

Maybe three plastic bags, one for each box, and a cardboard sleeve to wrap around both of the grille pieces.

A cardboard divider to give the spacing between mid and tweeter box.

An instruction leaflet.

I will leave the spade work to someone else! I will no doubt be corrected if I got anything wrong. But it seems wise to pack these heavy, valuable speakers with the right bits, hence my post.

From the old forum archive

The SBL cartons certainly are costly if purchased serarately - but they are admirable in their effectiveness. Initially confusing for a first-timer (there are four foam parts, three cardboard parts, the cardboard+foam base pallett, three plastic bags, and two bubble-wrap sleeves, as well as the main box proper), it all goes together nicely.

Note - PXO’s are packed separately. Basically you disassemble the speaker, take one of the foam halves, and bag/place each item into the foam half from the tweeter box down - it all becomes apparent as you work through it. Once completed, the other half is placed on top. There’s even a cool stepped cardboard sleeve that houses the two foam grilles - cool! Then requires two people to slide the assembly into the box, tweeter end first.

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Thanks for the pointers. So do I read from this that the bass box seal is best to be broken rather than trying to preserve it by packing the bass and mid box with the seal intact?

You do.

Yes you must break the seal remove the silicone and redo it or you will damage the aluminium pads.

Have you got this manual which includes SBL?
It should help to do the unpacking backwards

As I remember it, the crossover can stay attached the the speakers. It will become clear if they won’t fit in the packaging of course.

Thank you to you all for your help - very much appreciated. Our inclination had been to pack the speakers all connected, but following your guidance they have been broken down into the 3 separate boxes before packing - so you may have saved me some problems on receipt!
I am very much looking forward to receiving and setting them up (I may be back for more help on that front).
The Naim Community rocks! :pray:


You will need a tube of Loctite 595 to re-make the seal, when they arrive.

I bought mine from RS if it helps.

I hope I can get hold of that over this side of the channel!

Should not be a problem. I’m Dutch and it worked 2 years ago for me.

Hi I have successfully transported two sets of SBL’s and managed to keep the seal intact and pads (seemingly) undamaged. I use the original foam and put them flat on their backs supported by strong cardboard. I am picking up another set next week and will do the same again.

Taking them apart and putting them back together properly can not be a bad thing, but I would rather not do it if its not necessary.

Best of luck



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