SBL Service Agent

I looked at other threads on this forum, am I correct that there isn’t anyone servicing SBL’s ?


There are some Naim dealers who can replace drivers on SBLs for you. Until a few years back Naim could supply the drivers themselves - AFAIK unfortunately no more, and bear in mind that Scanspeak are soon to stop production of the D2008 tweeters used in SBLs.

Tom Tom Audio can supply replacement foam grilles to the original specification.

There are specialist suppliers of loudspeaker drive units, in the UK, would might be able to help.

Try Wilmslow Audio or Falcon Acoustics.
(I am not posting links - but both are easy to find.)

I think one of these was mentioned, for sourcing the Scanspeak D2008’s…?

Also Willy’s HiFi has the Scanspeak speakers in stock (last time I checked a week or two back).

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