SBL Speaker Covers

Just checked the price of SBL replacement covers, £192.00.

Are there any cheaper alternatives?


Be careful, i was in the same boat and bought from TomTom Audio. They are brilliant. BTW where was your price from?

Tom Tom quoted me £192.00

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There’s a guy who sells cheaper ones on ebay. Apparently the quality is not as good as TomTom’s, but I’m sure they would do the job.

I have the ones that are sold on eBay and I can say that I am absolutely happy with them.


I’ll have a look around the house, it’s been over twenty years since I last used them and now my wife has had the room decorated, new carpet and decided they would look better with the speaker covers !

Is the ebay seller located in Devon UK ?


Yes, I’ve got some of his on my SBLs. They are pretty good.

Hi Suzy - Did you get the eBay covers?

Yes, from the chap in Devon, Nicely finished with bevelled edges and rebated on the rear face to accommodate the drivers. Very pleased with them,

Me too.

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