Sbl - woofer iussue

Hi at all

I just bought some used SBL mk2 that look absolutely new! they are perfect in everything … there is one though!

I made the test of the woofer pushing it backwards and I noticed that it has returned to its place quickly and not slowly as it should … I have not yet had the opportunity to mount them but I would like to know if this behavior of the woofer is a sign of some problem. … what should I expect?

Thx in advance

They need sealing which is normal when they have been moved/dismantled for transport. I have recently bought some mkii sbl’s Which need sealing and my speakers return very quickly. They sound great as they are and I am in no hurry to seal them as I intend to renovate my room in the new year.

Congratulations on getting some very fine speakers. Enjoy!

Superb! Do some research on getting the best out of them. It only takes a little care to get them working really well. They do need sealing but there are lots of other things that you need to attend to.

Hard against a solid wall.
Absolutely level with no rocking on the spikes.
Check the aluminium pads are dented rather than punctured.
Keep grills on.
No or minimal toe in.
A5 and Naim speaker plugs.

These are the basics, good luck!


this is the second pair of SBL I buy …

last year I took a black pair at a good price driven by the curiosity of what I read in the forum … I took it for fun and I fell in love with it!!!

I used all the tricks you said and the sound is superb …

now I had the opportunity to take them in maple finish (I needed them this way because the n-sat, n-cent and n-sub are maple) …

the state of conservation of these is absolutely perfect … they seem to come out of the factory like new …

my only concern is that, as I said before, the speaker does not seem to have the features it should and I am a little worried if this can affect the quality of the sound …

according to you if the woofer returns to position quickly is it a sign that something is wrong or I can live happily with them ???

Thx again for any suggestion

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The woofer returns to position quickly because when you transported the SBL’s, the seal between the bottom box and the middle box has been broken. This is to be expected. You need to re-seal both speakers. Once the new seal has dried, the woofer will return to position slowly.

Google “re-sealing SBL’s” for some useful instructions. It can seem difficult, but with care it is a job any of us can do.

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thank you very much Graeme! sorry I did not understand … now everything is clear to me … you raised me and made me happy … now I understand that there is nothing abnormal … I can’t wait to install and seal them … and enjoy them !!!

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