SBL's Do I buy them or not?

Been looking to purchase a pair of SBL’s for my Superuniti for some time. I have now found a pair which have been retrofitted with MK2 drivers for…£150. There described as fair condition, but are collection only. The problem is it would be a 800 mile round trip to collect them, is it worth going all the way down and back for them???
The Superuniti is currently packed away as we are renovating our property.
Your thought please.
Thanks inadvance.

Depends if you have a economical car…or a Dodge Viper? :thinking:

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If the house has solid walls, I’d do that even on my bare knees.


They are small and unobtrusive. Can be a right PITA to set up - you may well need to completely redo the seal when you get them home.
And really need a 250 (or preferably a SNAXO+2x250) to drive ‘em.

Otherwise I’d say, go for them.

Tesla with free supercharging, so virtually free.

Have you got anything better to do?

great speaker for the price is very good. Would question fair condition need more detail and agree the 250 amp would really make the best of their sound but will sound good with lesser boxes. Only you can say if 800 miles is worth it but that would be a one off cost/agro.

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What is the question?

For my current speakers I drove more than that with a diesel car for which I had to pay the fuel, plus a ferry journey and an overnight hotel stay, just to audition, and then paid £145 carriage for the speakers.


Nothing is free, even virtually :grinning:

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Suzywong suggested that you may need to redo the seals after the journey. Given the length of journey, I’d strongly recommend that you disassemble them before the journey and reassemble when you get home. Otherwise there’s a risk of perforating the aluminium pads and, if already perforated, opening up the holes. If it was me, I’d buy a seal kit and redo them properly with high performance wood filler, new pads, new foam ring and silicone bead.


SBLs do have an enormous ROI though. SBL stands certainly for Superb Bargain Loudspeaker


If you have been looking for these for quite a while… then you have your answer.
When it comes to hobbies, rational thinking tends to go out of the window, and it is a good thing :rofl:

Maybe :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Enjoy the journey!

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Hmmm, fair condition is a bit of a concern for me. Can you get the seller to send you lots of photos showing their condition and what makes them ‘fair’ and not ‘good’ or ‘mint’??

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£150 is not a lot of money for a pair of potentially excellent speakers like the SBL’s, although I have to say I always thought IBL’s were a lot better.

As others have commented though, the decription of them being in ‘fair’ condition does not bode well. I suggest you could simply be buying something that will need an awful lot of attention and expense to bring it up to scratch - and that’s assuming that it can be brought up to scratch.

As has been said - there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If it was me I wouldn’t even consider them.

What Clive said above!

Tom Tom often have a selection in stock and they might even deliver. Might be worth a look before taking the plunge. They can also supply grills and gasket kits…

As others have stated £150 sounds cheap but if the main MK2 drivers and PAXO are okay then it maybe worth buying for spares then look out for a good condition pair but expect to pay > £500 for a nice example.

Do it, Tomtom audio used to sell the gasket kit, set up right SBLs are great, i had my close to the wall, i ised the think the bass was too light, but after upgrades and other demos i ce to realise the speed, agility of the bass was better than lumpy thuds.

If you cannot find any new SBL gaskit kits there’s an excellent thread if you google

dubblebubble sbl gasket

Also great tips on how to assemble an SBL

£150 for a pair with Mk2 bass drivers is a no brainer. Just do it!!