SBLs & IsoAcoustic Gaia

I have been listening to the Sonus Faber Lumina III for the last couple of weeks and time had come to put the SBLs back in situ. I have a set of the Gaias that I had used with my Focal 1008be and so decided to fit them; having lived with the SBLs as nature, or at least as naim, had intended for about a year.

The effect was entirely positive. As with the Focals the bass is further controlled and the soundfield comes a bit more into focus.

I admit that I wondered whether this would be a waste of time, for me the answer was no.



Can I ask what kind of floor and wall you have with those?

Hi Colin,

Solid brick wall, suspended wood floor.


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Thanks, useful info for the memory bank :+1:

What did you think of the Luminas?

Just writing a review for The Wam. If you wait a few days it should be up.


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