Scala Evo vs Magico M2

I remember on the Nd555 impressions that a member was dissatisfied by his Nd555. He found it a bit bright sounding and he preferred even listening to his Nds he was still owning. However, some months later, he finally received another Nd555, which was this time a game changer.
Some have returned the first batch Nd555 too.
So maybe not optimal first batch Nd555 can give the impression that it’s not worth buying it.

Yes but the first batch have long sailed away, mine was certainly ok, as it was at the time the demo.
I also found the so called software upgrade, wasn’t, did naim ever say it was a sound upgrade? Or did the upgrade come from being able to play different res formats?

I was at my dealer yesterday because my friend was picking up his amp. I was checking out the Magico’s. They had the S3 Mk2, S5 Mk2, and the M2. I was astonished how small the M2 is. Can that tiny thing really fill a room with dynamics? I wanted to listen to all of them, but my dealer is crazy swamped, and didn’t have time to set them up. Maybe for next time. I will probably be looking more towards the S series anyway.

Are the S series difficult to drive? I don’t like that they are below the 90dB sensitivity mark. They sure look beautiful. The S3 was in blue. So gorgeous.

The mk2 S range are much easier to drive than the previous generation and easier than the M but still require a moderately powerful amp. I use NAP300 with S3 mk2 - the 300 has no problems but I wouldn’t recommend anything less.

As lovely as the M2 are, they are quite a small speaker and won’t fill a large room the way S3 and particularly S5 will but for a “regular” size room, they will be plenty.

All are very transparent and revealing of the replay chain but when the synergy is there, they are quite superb !

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