Scala Radio no longer available on iRadio

Not a Naim issue I know but Planet Radio have stopped all their Internet Radio Station access including Scala apart from via an Amazon Alexa, Sonos or their app. Scala used to be available on the Naim app using iRadio with AAC 44.1kHz @ 127kb/s and sounded better than using my Amazon Echo Dot plugged into an Auxiliary input. Any idea how I might get it back or an alternative way of listening? I can use the Scala app on my Phone or Tablet & Bluetooth to my 272 but its not as handy although that method has the advantage of no adverts as I pay for Scala Premium :-). Does using Bluetooth compromise the sound quality - does anyone know? Thanks.

There is already a topic covering this.
Bauer Media dropping Internet Radio Aggregator streaming - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community

Oops apologies - I didn’t realise. Does Bluetooth from phone etc reduce sound quality much? Thanks

Sorry, I did no intend to criticise. I had participated in the other topic so was aware of it.

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No worries at all - I looked for Scala but not Bauer etc. Very confusing all these Streaming options but so convenient when it works so well, as it normally does :slight_smile:

As others have pointed out Scala is back & the messages saying it will stop have stopped. Hopefully that means it will continue to work :slight_smile:

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