Scala Radio URL

Has anyone managed to get the new UK station Scala Radio to stream onto a Naim device successfully? If so, would someone be so kind as to post a working URL please?

Many thanks!

I get on but not tried to hook that in on my NDX
Its not yet available on Naim iRadio (vTunes) selection list but suspect they will get around to it sometime soon.

TBH, I’m not that impressed.

You can add your own stations that don’t appear in the standard lists.

Go to and create a login account on vTuner. Once logged in you can enter a new station manually.

Manually adding the URL Mike suggests didn’t work with my 272, it just says station unavailable.

OK, I should have said I play that URL on my PC.
Also I’m not that impressed, & can wait until vTunes add it to the Naim list

Well, I added it on vTuner for my Qb and it plays fine.

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