Scanspeak Tweeters for SL2, DBL & NBL may be updated in 2022

Yes, mine are in the post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps this last minute rush of sales may lead them to think there is a market to continue making them :wink:

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I believe the IBLs use Scanspeak D2008/851100 tweeters.



I will be getting a spare for mine too.



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As far as I can see there is also the Hiquphon OW2-92 Tweeter but it’s a lot more expensive but supposed to be better.

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The Hiquphon would not be right for the Naim speakers.

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Thanks Richard, is the Scanspeak D2008/851100 also used in the SBL?

I’m having trouble (could be alcohol related) in finding that exact match on their website, would @Richard.Dane perhaps allow a link in this case or else could you send me an email to the address in my profile?



Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered a pair.

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On the scanspeak site both the 2008 and 2010 are shown as ‘to be updated’, not as ‘to be discontinued’.

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Rather than searching by the model number, try searching by Naim (SBL, etc.), and the proper item will appear. Worked for me.

About two month ago I also read, that those two models will be replaced with improved materialls without need to tweek the x overs.
The spesifications will be the same, but they will use better matrial.


Yes, Falcon originally said verbally it was being updated, but then told me later in writing that it is being discontinued in 2022.

Please do check with Scanspeak, or Falcon, or elsewhere if you want to make sure and let us know.

I have not checked this with Scanspeak themselves.

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Time to order a pair (I assume the prices are for single tweeters) as I thought I might have blown mine again a few days ago. (First time about 17 years ago, volume (probably almost) as far as it would go on the NAC 72 - a relative was in very poor health and I was ‘indulging’ in music at very high levels to try and cheer myself up.)

The Scanspeak site says that the tweeter will be updated in 2022.

Sorry if I have caused any confusion.

I have edited the title of this thread to read: “Scanspeak Tweeters for SL2, DBL & NBL may be updated in 2022”.

Falcon emailed with this message, as quoted above:
“James, just to let you know that Scanspeak have just announced that these tweeters will be discontinued in 2022.”

If possible, please post up the text used on the Scanspeak site to describe the update.


Here you go;


Thanks Richard.

I am very happy to have just received a pair of these tweeters.

If they are being updated, then the new tweeters will be different from the ones that SL2s were designed and voiced with.

I don’t need as a spare a different tweeter, I prefer to have the original design.

I’ve just ordered 2x Scanspeak D2010/851100 Tweeters from Willy’s Hi-Fi to ensure my SL2s keep performing for many years to come, I’m with Jim on this and prefer the original D2010 tweeter design to an updated variant that may sound different.