Scanspeak Tweeters for SL2, DBL & NBL may be updated in 2022

Yes, Falcon originally said verbally it was being updated, but then told me later in writing that it is being discontinued in 2022.

Please do check with Scanspeak, or Falcon, or elsewhere if you want to make sure and let us know.

I have not checked this with Scanspeak themselves.

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Time to order a pair (I assume the prices are for single tweeters) as I thought I might have blown mine again a few days ago. (First time about 17 years ago, volume (probably almost) as far as it would go on the NAC 72 - a relative was in very poor health and I was ‘indulging’ in music at very high levels to try and cheer myself up.)

The Scanspeak site says that the tweeter will be updated in 2022.

Sorry if I have caused any confusion.

I have edited the title of this thread to read: “Scanspeak Tweeters for SL2, DBL & NBL may be updated in 2022”.

Falcon emailed with this message, as quoted above:
“James, just to let you know that Scanspeak have just announced that these tweeters will be discontinued in 2022.”

If possible, please post up the text used on the Scanspeak site to describe the update.


Here you go;


Thanks Richard.

I am very happy to have just received a pair of these tweeters.

If they are being updated, then the new tweeters will be different from the ones that SL2s were designed and voiced with.

I don’t need as a spare a different tweeter, I prefer to have the original design.

I’ve just ordered 2x Scanspeak D2010/851100 Tweeters from Willy’s Hi-Fi to ensure my SL2s keep performing for many years to come, I’m with Jim on this and prefer the original D2010 tweeter design to an updated variant that may sound different.

They will be updated and will - according to the extremely helpful chap at Falcon Acoustics- likely be slightly larger than the existing ones. They may have the terminals in different positions, use different materials not to mention sounding different. For all those reasons I consider these tweeters to be effectively discontinued for the purposes of ensuring DBL, SL2 etc users have spares for the future.


Yes he also mentioned possibly cabinet modifications as well and yes thanks very much for the heads up. Even though my tweeters are new from last year from the German distributor, a spare set is always useful to have even if the speakers are sold on.

Mine are also being shipped (well by air actually). So i shall pack them away with the originals which still worked before i changec them last year.

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Many thanks for the heads up - a pair ordered - just in case!

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Another thank you from me

just put my order in

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Got confirmation mine have been shipped. All that then remains is to put them away somewhere safe and then forget where.



So definitely SBLs as well?

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Ouch - I guess a revamp of an existing design is one thing which may affect the sonic character/response but if they are indeed larger that’s a big issue and it seems a bit odd they simply don’t just call the new ones a new model with older versions available while stocks last.

Same for Allae owners - the updated tweeter will have four mounting holes and be slightly larger - so I just ordered a pair of D2008/851100…

Ordered a pair of D2008s for my son’s Credos.


For reference:



Intro 2 uses a Vifa tweeter.



Thanks Neil

although the technical spec is unremarkable similar, the obvious difference is 3 mounting holes with the D2008, and 4 mounting holes with D2010.

One of my old knackered D2008s below from 1991 SBLs …dunno why i’ve kept them :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the heads-up. 2 ordered to keep on my shelf, just in case!