Scanspeak Tweeters for SL2, DBL & NBL may be updated in 2022

Just ordered a pair from Willy’s HiFi. Can never see me changing my SL2s, so a good investment.


So while we are on the subject of these scanspeak tweeters,
has anyone ever tried to replace the front foams with new ones?
Removing the old deteriorated foam leaves alot gunk.



Mario - are you referring to SBLs?

I think Mario is referring to the little foam inserts on the face of the D2010s.

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Ah - I think that was discussed earlier in this thread iirc.

That was quick as my D2010s have just arrived from Willy’s question is do I install these or wait :smile:

Of course if you install them, and they sound much better, then you will have to buy another pair for when they get old - Hm what a quandary. Perhaps it depends on how easy it is to do

Not to mention owners of a certain brand from Glasgow - ah what the heck - Some Linn Isobariks also use the D2008, guess we will have to wait and see what is really going to happen and how they sound, but yeah probably not a bad idea to bag a pair if you like them.

Correct Richard, thank you. The thin foam sticker is available a s a spare part as it perishes after time, tried to replace it once on an old tweeter and just couldn’t get all the sticky stuff off.

I’ve never tried replacing the foam. I do have a pair of Spendor SP2.2s though that use the Scanspeak and I note that the foams are a bit fast their best, so I may give it a go.

I would try to remove as much of the foam as possible by carefully scraping it off. Then I would try removing any sticky residue left behind with either meths, lighter fluid (toluene), or Sticky Stuff remover.

I’d take a guess your zippo burns with a lot of soot if you’re using toluene in it.

What’s the betting next year when we all have our spare genuine tweeters waiting on the dusty shelf; we then hear the new updated version sound hugely more improved :laughing:


I use Ronsonol which works pretty well but evaporates very quickly.

Toluene is nasty stuff (only use with gloves) but a very good solvent, so I’m told. TtT, I’m not even sure whether it’s a part of lighter fluid these days…

If that’s the case, then it’s a win win. You have two chances of fitting the tweeters, plus you get an upgrade for less than the cost of two lavender cables

I hope that’s not trinitrotoluene…:grimacing:

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The reason for changing the original tweeters was that the foam surrounds was all gluey. Of course someone just had to stick his big thumb in it. No names menioned here of course. The foam surrounds are available but i can’t remember where now. I would like to replace this at some stage so that they can be spare as well

The foam inside the top boxes if the SL2 is also showing signs of crumbling but not sure what to do there

I’m sure it was discussed on this forum where a supplier was identified. May be worth a search

Willys HiFi sell them

Yes that was it. I also saw a few things for replacing the foam in the top boxes. The trouble was that there was a sticky backing

Sorry to come to this thread so late.
I’ve recently got a very good pair of Naim SBL’s & after reading about the proposed discontinuation of the tweeters, looked at mine & from the front, they look like the 2008/851100 types.
Is there a reason for me to go for the 2010/851100 & incur the hassle of the extra diameter & 4 hole fixings or should i stick with the like for like replacement of the 2008 as both are still in stock (for the moment).
Sorry about the long winded question, although mine sound amazing at the moment, i’m just thinking of later, incase anything should happen to them.
Thanks in advance for any replies.