With 250DR/282/HCDR/NAPSC can I replace the HCDR with a SCDR ? Not enough space for both, thanks

Yes, that’s exactly what is does do. :slightly_smiling_face:
You could then sell the HCDR to recover some funds :+1:

Almost forgot. The SCAP doesn’t come with SNAICs so you may need to budget for that.

I did exactly that when I had a 282. It was partly in preparation to move from my 282 to my 252, but I really liked what the SCDR did on my 282 above and beyond a HiCap (non DR in my case).

Remember you will still need the NAPSC though so you may need to find space for that elsewhere if it is currently sharing space with the HC DR.

That has it’s own perch so no worries there


Good to go then! With the added bonus that the Supercap is generally less likely to hum. It will of course will give you a lift in performance plus the ability to slot in a 252 in the future if you decide you want to.

I’ve recently done this. For me it’s proved to be a big upgrade, and as a bonus the SC is almost silent (the HC hummed a bit)

With CD5XS/DAC incl. XPS DR/250/282 is the SCDR justifiable ? Thanks

Yes. That’s a fine front end, so a SCDR is certainly justifiable to make the most of the 282.

Another option could be to replace the XPS with a 555PS. I’m not saying it’s necessarily better or worse than adding a Supercap, you need to listen to these upgrades in your own system to decide that.

Cheers mate but I only got the XPSDR, new in 2019 not even thinking about going in to the 555 league

Sure, but it’s a potential upgrade without adding boxes and if you can find a good non-DR version which some people prefer to the 555DR it could even be cost neutral.

I’m going from 200/202 to 250DR/282 also getting the NEAT Petite 30 and now possibly swap the HCDR for an SCDR everyone has their limits and even with SCDR I would be probably exceeding mine but thanks the advice

It’s a great upgrade.

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