SCDR run in

I recently acquired a SCDR and am a couple of days into enjoying it’s clear improvement over the HCDR it has replaced.
What is the running in period before it’s fully on song? Days? Weeks? Months?

Does it need continual music signal through this period? Volume dependent?

Did you get the SC new? If so then some months before its optimum. I like to turn off the boxes for a couple of minutes every 30 days or so during the burn in. My SL cables took about a year and the 500 series stuff about 8 months. You think its done but then a few months later and suddenly you just realise everything sounds even more together.

Thank you. It’s as good as new as it was a factory service and DR upgrade.

I don’t really buy into the turn-in schtick for power supplies. It’ll be delivering 98% of it’s potential already IMHO.

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Thank you

I only installed my SL speaker cables last week, the 500DR in December, 55DR & SL IC in November but the 552DR should be run in now since that went in the rack back in July! :smiley:

Are you serious about those run in times though? If this 500 gear is going sound even better than it does already, then that’s really something to look forward to. :+1:t5::slightly_smiling_face:

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@RackKit it did take a long time for me. There were se ups and downs for about 1 month and then every month ish I just felt like something clicked more so than before. The last time was recently and I had assume a few months back that was it. Nothing you can pin point but a real enjoyment in listening that took me a few days to realise. Wait for times when everything just seems more natural and effortless and more ‘live’ if that makes sense?

I did add a 500/552/2x555/Serviced CD555 though so maybe one takes longer than the rest. I would have no idea which though! The system must average 2-3 hrs a day of use and is always on.

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Mine took a good 3 months although the benefit could be heard immediately. It will continue to improve over this period and I left mine on permanently.

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Always left the system on 24/7 too. The Tv goes through it too so it’s one or the other in the evenings. I’ve had a few sessions when it seems to really ‘click’. Hard to describe but I guess anyone who else has experienced their systems doing it knows what I mean. I’m going to guess that the 552 has settled down now though and it could be the 500 that’s still a bit up & down.

The SL speaker cables were an obvious improvement v the NACA 5 which you can’t knock at all when you compare the price. Not sure what the SL cables for the 500 would bring other than knowing that you have the full set and a hit to the bank balance! :smiley:

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