Schiit Amp with Atom

Hi all,

I know my Atom will allow an external amp but wanted to check if anyone has used a Schiit Vidar or similar with their Atom to boost power? I am getting Magnepan LRS which suck up a lot of power.


Seems an odd match to me to pair these speakers with the Atom or the Schiit.
The reviews say they’re very current hungry so would probably be a better match with tubes.

Hi, the Vidar is 200 watts per channel so easily drive the LRS’s. Audiophiliac did a review on that combo but want to use the Atom as pre-amp and streamer but don’t want to damage the Atom which is my concern


@afgverhart uses a Purifi class D setup with an Atom,I believe. I’d imagine there’s a lot more power on tap this way but I can’t speak for how it sounds. I know the Eigentakt modules are technically great performers, so it may be a good alternative.

Can’t see why it wouldn’t work, but why not check with Naim first?


Naim won’t answer emails. I emailed a question to them a month or more ago and no response.

Why would you damage the Atom? It does seem a waste of what the Atom was intended for, but then again I ran a NAP 110 off mu UQ in the office (now off a Matix mini) so who am I to judge?

Why not try to avoid redundancy and, if the itch for upgrade attack, buy (trade) for something up the ladder I.e.: Atom :point_right: Nova?

Seems ( to me at least) that adding schiit it’s a waste of time/ money…

( sorry @charlesphoto , the reply was intended to the OP, as we think alike)

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Normally you should have at least received an automated reply with ticket number and the info that it might take a few days until they come back to you. They always did for me up to November, but I have not had a need to contact them after that.

If you did not even receive an automated reply, something might have gone wrong (assuming the mails are not ending up in your spam folder). @Naim.Marketing was recently investigating an email response issue, might this have extended to support email?

Absolutely no issue with

Possibly some broken links or redirects from legacy addresses elsewhere? (Apologies if so!)

Thanks, I just wanted to make sure, not a good thing if customers feel ignored, rightly or wrongly. I just had a very angry customer one of these days for the same reason, but turned out they had a typo in the email address they entered into our contact form … but in cases you can’t show them, everyone leaves unsatisfied.

There may be no technical issue, but they are utterly snowed under, expect a reply in weeks not days. Ive got several open/pending tickets, with a reply on one acknowledging they are snowed under.

I do indeed have a Purifi power amp connected to the pre-out of my Atom. Mainly to provide my Dynaudio loudspeakers with more current which makes them sound better. Before I had a NAP200 connected to the Atom, but I like the Purifi better as I feel it leaves the sound signature of the Atom better intact, and I love that so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The NAP200 sounded ‘thinner’ where the Purifi sounds more dynamic. It is all a matter of taste of course. One thing is for sure: the Atom is a fabulous sounding piece, with or without an extra power amp.



There’s snowed under and snowed under. I’m waiting for two weeks which I think is excessive, a month is inexcusable. I’m sure everyone is doing their best BTW, but it might be a good time to review staffing and processes if this is really what’s happening.

Two weeks! [Adopts Yorkshire accent] Luxury!

I’ve got a ticket for NDX2 garbled output that has had an auto-response but no further comment since 07Dec. I assume/hope someone has looked at it, confirmed its a fix due in the update and then stuck in a big pile related to the firmware bugs. Although not sure hope is an emotion I really want to rely on for a purchase of this size, and impact the issue has had on use and enjoyment!

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