Scootering problem in Paris

The infinite numbers of scooters in the french capital or other towns in France is dramatic. I like to walk several hours per week, and now i must be very careful. Bikes, scooters, skates :skateboard:…on sidewalks is a huge problem.

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you can learn some french…however the pictures talk for themselves.

I sympathise; we have them in UK, fortunately not as many or dangerous as I’ve seen in other parts of Europe. From what I’ve seen of them in UK its kids & usually in their local home area. I’ve seen them on the road in city centre once.

In UK they are forbidden to be used on the road & on public pavements or other public walkway areas. The only place they can be used is on private land if the landowner permits it. Penalties for riding in public places is a £300 (€338) fixed-penalty & 6 points if you have a driving licence.
The added problem is UK doesn’t have enough police patrolling the street to catch them.


Londen doesnt need them, they have lethal bikes already. Saw this morning an agressive argument between a bloke on a bike and a pedestrian, screaming agressive words to each other while they were both filming each other. Bizar.

in Paris area and other towns like mine you can rent on the street these scooters. They go absolutely everywhere and lots of tourists.
Lots of people go to work with it and take it in the train or metro. A nightmare!


we have a lot of bikes too, on rent like scooters also…

One of the things that impressed us when we went to Amsterdam was the provision of cycle lanes and how well organised it all was. I don’t remember seeing an angry cyclist there; in fact they all seemed very relaxed. As you say, London is somewhat different!


Amsterdam is made for cyclists :biking_woman:. They even made bike paths for school children!

They’re a pain here in Florida too. But if you look like the dashing chap in your second photo, you probably won’t get too many complaints.

the second photo shows that Amsterdam is in crisis because of too many bikes.

You may however have another problem in Florida :star_struck:

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I think they are a great idea and uk law should be changed to make them legal.
Anything that gets people out of cars is good in my book.


Agreed, with them equipped with licence/registration plates, subject to road tax & compulsory 3rd party insurance.
But first, I would like to have the same applied for all the millions of bicycles that use the roads & pavements for free.


Not this again! None of those cyclists pay taxes or own a car? Jay-sus!

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Yes, please don’t go there again. It’s a totally ridiculous idea and not worth discussing.

I agree we need not go there, but maybe me having my car door & wing damaged by ‘unknown’ laughing yob who we all know did it, leaves me just a little sore.

no, no, please!!

i agree that the minimum should be to pay an insurance when you drive a scooter in a town. It goes faster than a bike! and sidewalks should be strictly forbidden.

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We’re struggling with scooter use here in the states as well. I’m sure we can find a balance and I agree they’re a nice alternative to cars but clearly we need some better guidelines around their use in public spaces.

I was a distance runner for years and trained on the multi use lake front paths in Chicago and am accustomed to fighting for your space among walkers, runners, and bicyclists. I’ve taken riders off their bikes when they’ve tried to occupy the same space I’m in and have no issues doing the same with a unruly scooter user on the sidewalk.

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i would not however use physical force against bikers or scooters…but agree with the post in general.

Aggression has no place in the civilised world - and that applies to all, the car drivers, cyclists, scooter riders, joggers and walkers. What is needed is tolerance and respect - sadly getting scarce in today’s society.

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