Scotlander Radio not playing

Hi All,

Scotlander Radio hasn’t played for me for a little while now – anybody else having problems with it? Or playing fine? Other stations all fine – NDX2

Not had problems with it before, so I’m guessing it’s some change of config their end.

(Wyldwood Radio also not working, but they seem to change things up pretty regularly!?)


see - maybe your cause
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Hi @MarkB_UK

I had a word with VTuner regarding Scotlander and this should now be fixed.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

and on one other point - Wyldwood Radio shut down about 4 months ago.



Yep – all working great.
Thanks for the update Steve, very much appreciated :+1:t4:

Didn’t know about that - sad. Thanks for letting me know.

And just to say I’m very grateful for your diligence in all this stuff, it’s really great service.

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