Scott Walker RIP

Just heard the sad news. Devastating loss of a hugely talented and influential figure in music.

Fantastic and influential artist, and a lovely man (met him once). Odd that he and Mark Hollis died so close to each other.


Scott 1-4, Climate of Hunter, Tilt and Bish Bosch. All works of genius.


Was there ever a more perfect run of albums from ‘Scott’ through to ‘Til the band comes in’.

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Sad to say i lovd hearing his music in the radio, but never heard the albums…i will try some of those mentioned. Another great loss though fir the music world.

@Gazza you mean to say you do not own ‘Scott 4’ a true masterpiece.

Err no…guess i better find a copy🙈

Ordered a 5 cd pack from the “river” inc Scott 4, just £9.99


Wonderful albums, Gazza. Beyond those five, things take a left turn. Proceed only if you have a taste for the experimental.

That is good advice but it is interesting that before things took a left turn as you say, there is a relatively unknown batch of Scott Walker albums which, often dismissed, hopefully will see the light of day:-

Sings Songs From His TV Series
The Moviegoer
Any Day Now
We Had It All


@AndyP Scott hated those records, and always blocked their re-release.

Listening to Scott 4 now. RIP.

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What a voice, what an artist. Scott seems to have been with me throughout all my musical life. Beginning with the fabulous Walker Brothers followed by his wonderful solo work.

RIP Scott from a fan.


Another one goes. Shame.

An icon and sounds of my youth.

Thanks for the music,


@TheKevster yes I know. But I’ve always thought it strange how an artist could block a release. Normally you hear the stories Oh we didn’t want that put out or we didn’t like that cover but the record company put it out anyway.

I just wonder how Scott could have blocked the albums if the record company wanted to release them. Since when has any record company listened to the artist! Maybe he owned the publishing but I doubt that was the case back then only a few people seemed savvy enough to recognise how important this was - always baffled me.

Such a delightful voice, very sad news…

@AndyP Depends on the contract. I would imagine that by the mid-70s Scott’s contract with Philips (all the albums you mention were on that label, apart from We Had It All and Stretch, which came out on CBS) had lapsed. If he is no longer under contract to the label, it is more difficult for them to act without his consent (paradoxically). He may have owned the masters, or had the veto over re-releases. Who knows?

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He had a wonderful voice, loved his music with the Walker Brothers and his early solo albums. In later years Tilt, Bish Bosch and Soused brought me back to it again. A one off who will be missed.

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Although I was aware of the Walker Brothers, particularly the mid-70s hit, No Regrets, Scott’s solo work was a relatively recent discovery for me. Scott 1 to 4 are fantastic albums, although they might be considered an acquired taste. A sad loss indeed.