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After many years of searching I have finally secured a Nait 2 CB and next week should be on it’s way to Class-A for a full MOT.

This will be sandwiched between my UQ2 and Allae’s.


Congratulations! A fantastic shoebox. Welcome to the club.

Darran has done 3 Nait2s for me and this week I got my 32.5 back. Top dog.

My monies on the CB Nait2. :blush:


Nice avatar :grin:

Are you going to use the UQ2 solely as a source?

That’s correct the UQ as a source with the vol fixed at around 85 on the UQ. It will be interesting comparing the amps but after all the reviews hopefully the Nait will come out on top :grin:

Long term I may purchase an external DAC but still use the UQ as a streamer.

Seems a bit of a waste of the UQ2. If the Nait comes out on top (which was my conclusion) why not consider an AURALiC Aries Mini? Internet radio, Tidal, Qobuz, AirPlay, Spotify, Bluetooth and you can fit an internal HDD/SSD to store all your digital files. It can pull from a NAS if you have one too. Internal DAC is no slouch either. 2 things however: only available secondhand and need to have Apple iOS to operate. A linear power supply improves things if using the Mini solo (no external DAC). See John Darko for more info.

You should be able to get a Mini and LPS for the price of your UQ2.

Food for thought anyway.

Darran seems to have a turnaround time of about 2 weeks at the moment. It will pass slowly…


One guy on this forum has/had a Nait2 CB and UQ paired up and I quite like the look of this pairing (old and new mix) plus I want to stick to shoebox Naim for the second setup.

Also the UQ is a backup all in one for both my setups.

I’m okay with a two week wait and thanks for the heads up.

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It seems like a bit of a waste to me to use an integrated amp when the signal is already going through the preamp in the Unitiqute. Surely you’d he better off with a power amp such as a 100, 110 or 140 if you want more power than you can get from the Unitiqute.

It’s not power I’m after just fancied trying a Nait 2 CB.

I will at some point I will try a DAC (not sure which product) but still maintain the UQ as a streamer as I will never sell Qute.

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Let us know what you think after Darran has done his magic.

Will do, probably a couple of weeks


I’ve run this set up for a few years now, UQ2 through my 32.5 and 135’s but also through a Nait 1 / Nait 2. Technically it’s excessive but the sound is great nonetheless and I love the functionality and the aesthetic. Good choice you’ll enjoy it. The Nait 2 is a beast I’ve had it running some mega speakers and it really performs well for it age / size. Let us know how you get on. Also post a few pics! :slight_smile:

Good excuse as any for a gratuitous hifi pic!


Some past variations;


Some lovely examples of CB equipment Lewis thanks for taking the time to post those pictures.

My Nait 2 should be arriving tomorrow from the seller then after the 16th June its off to Class A for a full service.

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Nait 2 has landed, spoke to Darran at Class A and the Nait is scheduled for a full service after the 16th June.

Anyway here is a pic, Naim logo comes and goes but Darran at Class A said this is an easy fix and will sort during the service.

UQ2 volume is set at 75 and seems about right for the Nait, previously on older setups when I used a UQ1 into a NAC72 I set the volume at 85.

For an amp that produces 15-21 watts it feels powerful driving the Allaes and overall a step up over the UQ2.

I may look out for an external DAC as this will bypass the UQ pre section but for now I’m a happy chappy :grin:


No surprises with the result!:grin: Will sound and look better once Darran has done his magic.

Enjoy your lovely new box.


Thanks badlyread, tonight once the wife and kids are in bed I will play a few favourite tracks, thankfully this setup is in the extension and the volume can be raised :grin:

Overall the unit is is mint condition and once back from Class A with the logo fixed many years of listening pleasure.

Pesonally I think the UQ and Nait2 look so cute side by side old and new and after first listen this afternoon one could stop there.

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I used to refer to the UQ as the “digital Nait 2” but it never bettered the Nait 2. There is something about the sound - it is not the last word but it is so engaging. And don’t get me started on those iconic aesthetics.

Don’t forget to go to bed at some point :blush:.

Remember to post in the CB section once it is glowing…

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I see that you moved from a UQ to a UQ2 and just wondered if you noticed an improvement?
I ask, as I have a UQ (+Nap100) from new and have considered whether having it upgraded would be worthwhile. My alternative and larger itch, is to move to a Nova.

Over the years I have owned three UQs.
2x MK1 versions, the original 96 and 192 owned both at the same time setup in different rooms.
Regrettably sold both then after several years purchased a UQ2 BT latest version.

Difference between all three is very small and probably not worth the change unless the one you own is a 96 version and you wish to play 192 material.

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We have light :grin: