Screen Cleaning

I’ve used Craig Deoxit screen cleaner on my LED TV screen for years but need to renew the supplied microfibre towel cleaning cloth and wondered what product might be a suitable replacement ?
A quick internet search brings up a whole plethora of products but I’m not sure if a general microfibre cloth will be suitable for a TV screen so any advice would be greatly appreciated, size wise I’m looking for something about 30cm square.

I use mom screen cleaning stuff for TV and monitors. Comes with what looks like a regular microfibre cloth. I have plenty anyway and just wash every now and again. No problems here.


Plus a micro fibre cloth.

Do test on an inconspicuous area first!


I used to use a screen spray/wet wipe but just ended up trying to clear the smear - like cleaning windows on a sunny day.
Now I just use a damp paper towel to clean off fly poo - yes, that’s what those tiny black dots are ! Then a lint free silky microfibre cloth.

If it’s a Samung Q range don’t use anything you will end up rubbing off the antiglare coating and making the screen worse.

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