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Think I might have read something about this on an earlier thread, but does anyone know how to clear the screen on a rarely used Atom. I’ve still got the cover from Western Stars, which I played about 6 album ago. Tried switching the screen on/off and clearing the cache but it’s still there. Even disconnected the power it didn’t work either.

Interesting, when my one does that I just unplug from the wall and once its plugged back in, Atom reloads the firmware. Perhaps leave unplugged little longer. I assume Atom and phone/tablet are up to date when it comes to software.

I’m going to disconnect and leave for an hour or so later today. And yes, all up to date.

Leaving off for an hour or so has cleared. Does this happen a lot ?

Great news @Pete_the_painter!

Happens enough to make me numb to it these days. I had my Atom freezing album artwork, not displaying artwork, turning on while it was off and so on…I just unplug and reset and keep listening. They are just computers so I guess no different to what you experience with PCs and Laptops.

Both Atom, and all control units are up to date and I keep them updated at all times.

While I don’t know what causes this, one of the things I have noticed is that if you try and change things to fast when using the app this appears to cause problems with artwork. Actions like changing songs or albums, stopping something you just hit play on and deciding to change again are some of the examples.

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Keeping it up to date is your problem.
Theres an issue with the 3.2 firmware which Naim are supposedly working on. It’s been weeks since we have heard anything from them.
This has been well documented in a few other threads which you may find interesting.

I thought so, I not notice it as much as it’s not my main system. It doesn’t get used a lot.

I have a Star which does the same, I find that if I hold the power button till it flashes and powers down. Then switch on again after a minute or two, boots up and all ok. Till next time!!!
The update is supposed to be imminent.

It’s happend the odd time for me before the last update and happend only once since. A power cycle always clears it.

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