Screened Mains Lead Atom

I need a new mains lead for my new ( pre-loved)
Atom, the one supplied is only 2M and I need 2.5M.
The Atom will be in my office with a PC, printer, NAS, router and wap.
So with all the potential air born RI and EMF , if those are the correct terms, I was wondering about a screened mains lead.
Has anybody used, or is using an Atom, in this sort of environment and if so which screened mains lead did you use or are using?
I see there some that have ferrite cores, are these any better or does it not make any difference?
Due to the circumstances and having to shield and also advised not to leave the house, borrowing leads is not possible.
My budget is £150 to £200.
Thank you.
Kind Regards.

Just use a Naim Powerline Lite. No shielding is required. 100 quid from any Naim dealer.

That’s too short by 50cm.

You could always use a short extension with a single socket.

Another alternative to give you the length you want would be one of the DIY kits from MCRU. They seem pretty reasonable value, pick your budget and away you go. I’m happy with the one I built up from one of their kits.

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I made my own using the NAIM power line lite plug with Belden 19364 mains cable and wattgate IEC from MCRU.CO.UK

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3m audioquest nrg x3 £99

What LRJH said. Its what I do too. You can also make the cable to suit and fit what IEC and plug you want. Mcru is a good place to start.
Decent cable is also screened, so make sure this is grounded to earth at the plug end only. This is your best option.

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