Screw at DIN Plug - naim cable

just recognsided by coincidence, that at both DIN to XLR cables at the DIN side the screw at the silver naim DIN plug is a bit loose.
Can move them by hand.
As it is at both plugs I assume this might be done on purpose by the former owner.
Is this fine (or even better) with the crew loose.
Can I tighter them.
Cables are totally fine - strain relief sits like new.


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Wouldn’t want a screw loose. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, very unlikely. IMO.
No, they should be tight.
Yes, please do.

Other opinions may well exist and could be along shortly.
These are just mine.

Trying To Be Agreeable…


Tightened them - a bit, not too tight but so that I can not move the by hand.
Think it is the strain relief screw and someone meant all loose is better.
The collars unlocked is fine for me - screws… no :o)

Collars have locks for a reason never mind the Foo what about the repair bill with bad connections being high resistance.
Your money :thinking:

Collars on Burndy connectors should always be locked without fail. On SNAICs they should also be done up as otherwise, should they come undone somehow while the system is powered up, you risk an almighty and damaging screech through the system that can damage speakers. With interconnects you can connect without doing up the locking ring on the DIN. Some favour this as the slight decoupling of the plug body from the socket and chassis can bring sonic benefits.


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