SD Card for Uniti Star


I’ve just upgraded from an original Uniti to a Uniti Star and am really pleased with the huge improvement in sound quality. One area which is new to me is ripping CDs and at this stage I would like to go down the SD Card route rather than NAS whilst I ponder over the perceived improvement in quality between a CD and ripped CD. However I am confused as to which size, storage size, type of SD Card I need. Hoping someone might be able to advise.

Many thanks, Alan

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Hi, is there any reason you want to use an SD card? USB memory is much cheaper, and if you use the rear port, can be hidden behind the Star. Pretty much and memory stick or hard drive will work.

Hi Chris,

I’m limited for space and no longer have a working PC and slipping an SD Card in the back seems straight forward enough for me right now as I experiment. I’m just looking to rip say 20 or so of my favourite CDs. If I can hear an improvement I’ll probably go down the NAS route as I have a few thousand silver discs!

If you use a NAS, you are going to need a computer of some sort to log into it, unless you but a proprietary CD ripper/store from the likes of Innuos, Naim etc. Or you could buy a larger capacity USB hard drive, 3 or 4TB, and attach it to the Star, which would be very cheap (under £100).
To get started, yes, you could use an SD card, but any old cheap memory stick will work fine.

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I use a 512 Gb SD card for my CDs, this is after trying to use a NAS, which for some reason would work with my unitilite but not with the Star. Personally, I think the rips sounds better than playing a CD but this could be pyschological


Alan, I’m not aware of any general perception in this regard. Now, your cd player may be a better, or worse, player than your digital player (dac, streamer player, etc), but such is not a result of the format itself.

The reason to go ‘ripped’ generally is the convenience of no discs to store, random access to all music via an app, etc etc.

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