Sealing floors

Don’t worry - I knew exactly how it would sound. What with me drinking tea in Audrey and Richard trimming his bush it’s been quite an eventful day.


American acquaintances were absolutely horrified upon first encountering a washing machine in a U.K. kitchen. Apparently it’s viewed as unsanitary and a health risk in the States, and is an absolute ‘no no’. If necessary it can, apparently, go in the bathroom (if you don’t have a utility room, laundry room, garage or cellar!).

Yet they can stuff their faces with chlorinated chicken and hormone stuffed beef and think that’s ok. What a strange world.

Helen & I are just prepping an evening BBQ outside Maddy (the motorhome!). Coincidentally, upon our return on Sunday from France, we have to rub down and reseal our solid wooden floor in the lounge prior to new suite delivery. It really must be that ‘nest building’ and improvements time associated with Spring.

Maddy is a fine name for a motor home. We must get her and Audrey together. Tomorrow I’m re-sealing the bathroom floor. Life doesn’t get much better.

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