Search for music by bitrate?

I have a large collection of music on a standard HD but as I have a smaller SSD I thought I’d move the 24 bit to that, in MACOS any idea if I can search by bitrate? I can sort individual files >1411k but ideally I’d like to list folders with files greater than 1411k/hi res

I use J River MC on a Mac and it’s free for 30 day trial if you haven’t got it. You can list every track you have by selecting files in the left hand menu, Then Ctrl-Click on the header of the list and select only filename. Using the search wizard restrict this to 24 bit music files. You now have the fully qualified filenames of all your 24 bit tracks/

You can hold down Command key and press A for all and then hold down Command key again and press C for copy.

You can paste these into an editor of your choice (textedit or vi) - you now have a list of all your 24 bit files (full path name), which you can manipulate using shell commands or Excel (if you have it to split it Into columns) or use the list to do the move manually).

Other command line utilities like metaflac or metadata editing suites like Yate could also do it.

I’m sure there are lots of other ways too.

Asset will do this.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

It’s the bits…

Brilliant, worked exactly as I needed it to.
Much appreciated, thanks for taking the time

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