Search in naim app doesn't work

Hello, since yesterday, the search fonction in the naim app (for TIDAL) doesn’t work anymore. It simply doesn’t find anything ans keeps displaying “no résults”.
No member of the family (all with fairphones 2 or 3 - android) could make it work. I tried to reinstall the app, no change.
We have a ND5 XS, that I tried to reboot, no change.
Everything works perfectly on the TIDAL app, though…

Tidal like to change their api without notifying anyone
@tomvamos (sorry cant triage for you as i dont have tidal access)

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Is it only the search that doesn’t work? Can you play mysic from Tidal as normal?

Tidal search working for me in the production and beta versions of the app. Oddly in the beta it is preferentially returning Qobuz results rather than tidal in global search. The reverse is true in the production app.

Yes, everything else works fine: playlists, favorites, …

I was about to write a thread about the same topc. I see the same with latest Naim app 2.19.0 on android. So as already known, the search function on upnp libraries does not work. But now it also does not work for Tidal. I see this for the superuniti. The app also does not list anymore, where the search should be. However it still works fine for the muso qb 2. So searching is ok on muso, but not for superuniti.

I’ve flagged this up and asked for advice.

Naim have got back to me on this.

It appears that the Global Search in the latest Android app (2.19) is excluding Tidal on some older models. No other Tidal interaction is impacted: you can still use the Tidal browser, play existing Tidal favourites/presets etc.

Naim is looking at it right now and hoping to have a patch fix soon ( it won’t be today but it’s a top priority)

A workaround is to search in the Tidal app and add anything you want to play to ‘My Collection’ (just hit the heart symbol). This will then appear in the Naim app Favourites and can be played as usual. A pull-down refresh of Favourites may be needed if you switch from Tidal to Naim app quickly.

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OK, thanks for flagging the issue, and thanks NAIM to work on it.
I hope a fix will be developed quickly, because although there is indeed a workarround, it is not very confortable :-/

Thx for the update, Richard. Another option is also to use Bubbleupnp app as the Tidal Naim interface. Staying tuned for the patch.

Hi guys,
This is a bit weird. I have just tried using the search line (for Tidal) via the Naim app on my android phone and it keeps returning the message ‘No results’. No matter what I select from previous searches it’s the same thing.
I checked that my ‘native Tidal’ (ie the actual Tidal app on my phone) is working fine and it is.
Checked my wife’s phones Naim app… exactly the same happens, so I uninstalled the app (on her phone obviously lol) and reinstalled it from the Google play store…so a fresh download. Makes no difference…still no Tidal search.
It was all working fine a couple of days ago so does anybody have any idea of what’s going on???
Tidal playlists work fine, my playlists work fine as does iradio.
Any ideas folks???
Equipment is ND5XS.

I’ve moved your post into the existing thread on this. See my post sbove.

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Thanks Richard…will look out for the patch and meantime the work-around is working fine :+1:

WOW, thanks so much for the workaround. So easier to go via Tidal and add to collection than the search engine from Naim. I had the same problem, can’t search via Tidal now fixed by the nice trick. Thanks so much!!!

Yes it’s a good work around but it sounds like a bit of a c*ck-up was done somewhere between the Naim and Tidal code writers. It’s pretty poor to suddenly cut off functionality from (probably) thousands of legacy customers. Was no testing done over the whole range of products??? If a software upgrade on our MR scanners (Siemens…the best) suddenly removed some function (even with a work around) the prevebal poo would well and truly hit the fan and a fix would happen asap.
As it happens the Tidal search function probably is easier to use in some ways but pretty soon I’m gonna be scrolling down an almighty long list of favourites to find the tune I want. :joy::pray:
Having said all that I’m in a bit of audio heaven listening to my Superuniti playing through a lovely pair of AE1 classics at the mo…top Tidal jazz… I still love my Naim kit :heartpulse:

An update for Android (2.19.1) is now available in the Play Store that has a fix for Tidal searching on Legacy products. Apologies for any nuisance caused.


Thx for the update. Works well with the superuniti. However there seems to be a limit on the maximum shown albums. Not all Tidal available albums are shown at the Naim app even after expansion.

Fantastic thank you

Thanks for the fix. It works fine.
As mentionned, the only remaining limitation is the apparently limited number of albums the app can show.
As an exemple, the album Randori by Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin is not shown when looking at the artist, although accessible and playing fine from my favorites.

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It’s not only about limitation of albums that app can show, the same limitation is for top tracks. Currently app can’t show more than 10 results for both top tracks and albums.