Searching Asset with NaimApp

I recently started using Asset UPnP on a QNAP NAS via the Naim App.
Simple question: using the Naim App, how do I search for an artist or album or song?
My Naim devices are: Atom and two Muso Qb’s

You should see Asset in the Server input of your streamer. Within Asset you should see Artist, Album, Genre etc listed. Open them and you’ll see them listed alphabetically.
If you’re not seeing this there may be an issue with metadata in your music files, or Asset may not have scanned them.

Hi again, I replied to your thread on the dBpoweramp forum yesterday.
Let’s use this Naim forum as it’s easier & there are more people to help you.

First some questions, then we know whats going on.
What computer software are you using, Windows, Mac etc.
What ripping software did you use to rip the albums you have.
Have you set up & have you used your Asset browsing/editing function that’s viewed on your computer ( this is your NAS IP address followed by :45537 & described in Asset install instructions )

@ChrisSU - I believe Asset scans everything on first install, I suspect the OP rips are missing metadata

All the other replies are correct but the OP asked for searching. So, @Allanjm, if you do what Chris said, and you see the Artist, Album, etc, then there should be a “Filter” option at the top, this is the search. See top left:

If you don’t see this, Mike-B’s post will help

Quickest way is to open your NAS in the app, from Asset menus choose Title then click *[All Titles]. This lists everything and the filter field can be used to search all content. More focused search can be done using other tabs, opening [All Albums] and [All Artists].

All the above replies are correct but probably worth a reminder that if you use the search option in the Naim app it will search through any internet services you have enabled like Qobuz or Tidal, internet radio and local music. What it doesn’t do is search through your UPnP servers.

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Searching the NAS is the only thing the OP is wanting to do. I picked that up on the first post on the dBpoweramp forum.

And it seems that elverdiblanco just reminded, correctly, that searching the NAS is not done by the search button. Worth it, because for many new users not at all obvious

That might well be the case but it wasn’t at all clear from the first post in here

Thanks to all for your help and suggestions.
It turns out that the solution is to select “all” under a particular category; artist, album, etc
From there the search works very well and exactly what I was looking to do.
Thanks again.

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