Searching music on the U-Serve via the smart TV

I discovered something a little odd when trying to play music through the Smart TV (Samsung 2019).

It seems that when I scroll through the music folders via the TV on the U-Serve, it can only see up to the letter M, anything beyond M does not appear, ie. the last Artist folder to appear in the CD folder is Mazzy Star.

Likewise with Albums, I am only able to search up to albums with the letter G in the title.

The TV is on the same network as the U-Serve and I can see the U-Serve and its Folders on the TV screen accessing it via: source/NSSRV…/CD Collection/Artist.

I was wondering if anyone new of a data limitation present in this function on the TV? Or any other reason why Artist Folder beyond M can’t be accessed?

Works fine for me. How many albums do you have?

Hmmm! 602 albums.

As I don’t play music through the TV that much, I can’t remember this occurring further back than 4 months, which is when I noticed it.

I presume if it happened before I would have noticed.

I wonder if your TV hasn’t finished scanning the library, or perhaps was interrupted while doing so. Maybe worth a restart to see if you can trigger a rescan, but I admit I’m guessing here.

I just tried it, no more folders appear after 2 minutes so far.
Here is a screen shot.

Do you also have a Samsung, Chris?

Yes, but it’s a few years old now, so maybe runs different firmware to yours.

A scroll bar appears at the bottom when scrolling and the marker is at the very end of the bar, indicating I am at the end.

No further Folders are appearing. Strange.

Sorry, I’m out of ideas! My screen is cosmetically a bit different to yours, but it shows the full content of my US. Maybe someone else with a newer Samsung TV can have a look.

No probs Chris.

It happens on Artist and Album, so there is consistency. I guess I should check out the Samsung Forums too.

What’s the next folder that you can’t see?
My guess is there is a character that the tv considers invalid. Eg a folder in Linux can contain a colon, but browse that same drive from Windows and it doesn’t like it.
Does the next folder contain any characters with accents or punctuation or symbols?

Hi Robert,

In the ‘Artist’ folder, the next folder after ‘Mick Softly’ is ‘Miles Davis’, as I write it, so no funny characters.

For the ‘Albums’ folder the next folder after ‘Grasias Compay’ - Compay Segundo is ‘Greatest Hits’ - Tom Petty, so no funny characters there.

As it’s the TV, there is no possibility to drill down anywhere to see what the settings are. My experience with TV Forums is not usually very good, but I will try it.

Not sure if this is any help; Samsung TV but with Synology NAS. I thought I’d just check: it stopped at ‘M’ too. I then went to the (bottom right of the screen) ‘options’ and hit ‘Refresh’ - then they all appeared :blush:

Oh! I will give that a try.

In the options , bottom right there is a refresh button. I tried that, the screen jumps back to the start of the Folder, ie. A, then I scroll along to the right and it still stops at the same folder, Mick Softley.

I also tried the Filter option for only music, did a refresh and still only managed to get to Mick Softley. Curious.

:pensive: sorry that didn’t help

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I forgot to mention this, but I able to find all the albums on the backup (Wester Digital, My Book Live) via the TV on the same network.

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