Second Flatcap

Hi there, I have a Naim 92 pre-amp and a 90 power amp and an original flatCap to power the 92. My source is a Naim CD3.5. Can I add a second flatCap to power the CD player? Thank you for your help.

Of course :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. Now to connections: One Snaic between flatcap and CD 3.5 but should I use a second cable go from the second Flatcap to the 92 pre-amp and if I do need to connect the second flatcap to the preamp, which DIN sockets should I use?

I had this exact setup a few years ago. Connect the cd3.5 signal output to the 92, same as before.

Thanks Paul, So if my understanding is correct the flatcap connected to the CD 3.5 is only connected to the cd 3.5 and not to the 92 pre-amp.

Correct. Also, make sure your flat caps have been serviced within the last few years. I found that an out of service Flatcap didn’t add much to the 3.5.

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Excellent piece of advice. Thank you.

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