Second powerline quoestions

Hi to all.
In my unitiserve + nDAC + XPS system I have a powerline that powers XPS.
Unitiserve and nDAC have their own standard power cables.
If I were to add a second powerline to the system, would I have additional benefits?
Better on unitiserve or nDAC? Unfortunately it is used and I cannot try it before buying.
Thanks for the replies.

Everything I have ever added a Powerline to has made an improvement.
The only thing you can do is try it and see. Do you still require two supplies if you are using the XPS on the NDAC? I thought you only needed one.

You still need both on the Naim DAC as the internal supply is still used when an external PS is added.


The Unitiserve has its own little supply box with the choked cable - so best to keep that in place (unless your using a third party power device).
Putting it on the Ndac should be your best option.

I tried a second powerline in the nDAC + XPS system. I noticed improvements in the micro detail, and in the cleanliness of the sound in general, also improved the already very good feeling of silence.

Now I’d like to know which circuits are still active in nDAC and powered directly from this and not from XPS.
thanks for the replies

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IIRC it’s just the DSP section that stays powered from the internal supply when you add an external supply. The White Paper should give you more detail…

I see…

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