Second Stacking Order Post of the New Forum

While we’re waiting for the luddites from the OLD Naim forum . . .

Splitting my one Fraim into two as soon as some new hardware arrives.

Brain items: 252, ND 555, 300 (amp box), Rega RP8, Rega Aria phono stage

Brawn Items: SCDR, 555PS, 300PS

Also the Rega motor power supply TT-PSU

252 on top of the Brain stack, and RP8 on top of the Brawn stack?? (RP8 has to sit on Fraim at least for now)

I wont have enough shelves for the Aria and TT-PSU to have their own shelves; thinking they’ll share one shelf.

What else??

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I had a logistical problem with the 300. I need the NDS and 552 on the right hand stack so that they can be seen. Because the Burndy sockets are on the back left of the 300PS the leads are too short to allow the 300 to be sited on the right hand stack.

Interesting – it’ll be a challenge if the 300PS can’t go on the left and the 300 amp on the right.

Left. 555, 552PS, 300PS, 300
Right. NDS, 552, Lingo and Trichord, Stax

Always a compromise

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I’ve moved to three stacks. The third just contains the digital. I can guess this might not work for you, but solves all known issues to my ear. Otherwise longer legs.


Moving from one to two stacks, and upgrading 250DR>300DR, and adding a TT, was a lot for me to “execute” at home. You’re right - 3 stacks would be a non-starter!

Im jealous – maybe @Cymbiosis will weigh in for me too :grin:

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Okay I’m only doing this from my iPhone this evening so from memory as I can no longer see the original question and all the details contained within, I will try and list everything appropriately for best performance. I guess the RP8 needs to sit on the frame as well as you do not have a wall shelf.? That is so then you need to have the brawn on the right simple and whilst this doesn’t satisfy your comment about seeing the preamp I suggest you just go left-handed to operate it :blush:
Left-hand stack should be our RP8, 252, ND555, 300
Right-hand stack should be Rega Aria and TTPS. Then have the 300 power supply next followed by the supercap and finally the 555PS on the bottom.
Couple of points to clarify the power supply deployment that I have chosen: having the 300 PS means your burndies will be suspended and not laying on the ground behind your Fraim. Having the Supercap at the next level down means that you can have a good run diagonally on the burndy to your 252 which will allow you to dress the five pin snaic more easily. The Burndies from the ND555 to the 555 power supply should be long enough and they should be relatively easy to dress around the other cables. This power supply also has the largest transformer and therefore you would place it at the bottom of the brawn stack.
Best regards, Peter

THANK YOU Peter. Yes, RP8 on the Fraim. I really want the “brains” on the right vs the left, but why you did it the other way is apparent. With the 300 it just doesn’t work the other way 'round!

This power supply also has the largest transformer and therefore you would place it at the bottom of the brawn stack.

Thanks Peter,
Wasn’t adware of this,looks like I’ve got some rearranging to do!

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