Second streamer - not sure pi or WiiM or other?

I need a second streamer for my second naim system

I use a chord 2qute into a 202/200, which is used mainly for the watching AV (optical out from my LG oled)

I also use a Chromecast audio for streaming tidal and spotify, but I am thinking of getting a device that can use tidal connect and spotify connect (the CCA uses google cast which is different)

I could get an raspberry pi running volumio, or actually a new device called the WIIM Mini, the only downside of that device is that it is a wifi only device, which to my ears, isn’t ideal as an ethernet connect

confused. ability to use tidal on raspberry pi using volumio is a paid service which is not ideal also

Use something other than Volumio on a Pi. I use PiCorePlayer on mine and it plays Tidal for free (assuming you have a Tidal subscription of course).

So this is through LMS? Does picore player have a native Spotify connect? Not the LMS one which doesn’t quite work as well as the one integrated into volumio

PiCorePlayer plays through LMS, so possibly not what you need then.

I like the idea of volumio and the interface is nice but all in all I found it so unstable. I have been using roon for 3 years but set volumio up for someone else in the last year and they said the same.

For my money at least I find the Pi fine with roopiee with roon, but they are a bit like rocking horse poop at the moment.

For my money at least I purchased a couple of fanless pcs on ebay there are a couple on there that would appear to be for industrial application, fanless to prevent metal and dust being sucked in no doubte, very cheap and quiet and do a fine job with something like Daphile.

Essentially the world is your oyster because you have a USB Dac.

The Wiim resamples all output via the toslink to 48k so you don’t want to go there.

I would build a pi to start with its low-cost and if you have one already knocking about a no brainer. You can always update later to something else. I would look at the Bluesound Node as it’s a Swiss army knife of a streamer and now supports USB as well as spdif out to a separate DAC.

Thanks apparently theres been a software update for the Wiim and its bitperfect now

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