Second system

Hi all, finally getting round to sorting out a system for the family room / kitchen.
In many ways this room is more suited for a system than my main system is in, and so far i have my NDS running 2 xps power supplies and a nice pair off mk2 sbl’s, that i got this week.
So after an naim integrated amp to go with it, and not sure really which one to look out for, but it will be secondhand. It doesn’t have to be powerful, or match, as the boxes will be out off sight.
Not sure if i could also go with another make, but open to any ideas, and i dont really want to spend that much if i can, as like i said its a second system, that will be used mainly for background music throughout the day.

Just to add max price £1000, but as said cheaper the better as long as its not going to destroy what the nds will offer, having never owned a naim integrated amp, i dont know which one would be best suited for what i will have attached to it

A muso 2?

Your Nds is running 2 X Xps ? It’s correct ? I didn’t know it’s possible.

Have the original muso and that is what is being pushed out, and this going in.
The muso is either going in the bedroom or my eldest daughter whats it for her house, i can see me losing it.

Yes but can’t talk about that lol


Been looking and didn’t realise how many there are to choose from

Maybe sell off one of the power supplies and increase the budget for the amp? Surely you wish to aim for a used Supernait 2/3?

There is one answer: chrome bumper Nait 2.

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There’s nothing more fun than building a second system on a modest budget.

I might be inclined to start with new components. Like Qacoustics 3020i speakers and a Denon integrated and streamer. Possibly Arcam if the budget will stretch.

If it needs to be Naim, the same speakers as above with a second hand UQ2 go together brilliantly for under GBP1000 just.


A second hand UnitQute and some Q Acoustics would also be my choice .

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I just bought a Unitqute 2 paired with the small neat iotas - both second hand for £900 - sounds nice. Key for seconds systems is simplicity!


People, Dunc already has a spare NDS for the second system. I suggest a second hand SN2 would be ideal.

Yes, you´re right.
NDS+SN2 would be sweet

Got a UnitiQute that I added to the Av system to act as a DAC for the Sky Box, also got a Universal Disc Player on order

The makings of a small second system , just add high efficiency speakers (I have P3ESR at the moment, anything but efficient)

I’m jealous! NDS for a second system :scream:


Yes i already have a NDS etc, that i used before the rossini.
Not going to sell a xps, as it sounds great with both.
Just got some sbl’s, as i wanted speakers that sit right against the wall, plus my old sbl’s worked well in this room, so the natural choice, just need an amp/pre now.
Been looking and might have found a solution near by.

The solution is of course Vitus :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Errr NO


Yes, it was a bad joke :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: