Secret Society

Is there a secret society of unit stackers? C’mon own up and send us the pics. :blush:

Secret = Secret.

The public society is a different matter.

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What’s a unit stacker ?

Someone that stacks units. Whatever that is.
The first rule of unit stacking club is that nobody talks about stacking units.


Maybe OP meant Uniti stackers??

And there’s me thinking funny handshakes. :flushed:

I’ve a couple of power supplies ON THE FLOOR. I really should leave the room and do the decent thing.


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So have I - why do temporary things stay that way for ages!

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Because it sounds just fine! I don’t want the hifi dominating the room, though may succumb to some thin isolation platforms. I have a plan to spike the furniture the rest of it sits on too.

One day…



Is that the B&W music service?

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