Securing DYNAUDIO special Forty on Floor Stands

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Being not used to stand speakers, I’m struggling to find advice on how to secure my speakers on the stands. I’m very much concerned about their potential risk of falling down.
Would like to find an “attachment” solution that does not destroy my speaker base.
Thanks for your support guys.

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Blu Tack


i use dynaudio’s stand 10 with some evokes, and the top plate has tacky rubber pads and with the gloss finish they kinda stick. no risk of them moving. Try atacama gel pads which will do the job as the S40’s are pretty heavy. Worried about pets/ children?


Another +++ for blu tack

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My dealer used Blu Tack on my S40.

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PMC recommend this for their own stand mount speakers.

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I have Special 40s on Dynaudio 6 stands, and I use Blu-tak to very good effect.

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I used to have Dynaudio Stand 6 with my Special 40’s which required some Blu-tak and did not feel very stable, but then upgraded to Stand 20 which has rubber pads. I would say this is much better.


I had some Focus 140s (same size?) for 10 years and used blue tak. Works just fine.

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Two pack epoxy if you know they’re keepers - no please don’t anybody do this!!!

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Thanks all for your advise and comments !
I’ve ordered the BLUE TAC thing…
All the best.
Keep Safe

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Thanks for the advice. I’ve just bought s/h Dynaudio Stands 4 that weigh “a ton” .
What Blu-tack Thickness would you recommend and how did you position the Blu-tack? (Corners? Corners+ central?)

Thanks for sharing !

I’ve also bought some rubber pads as alternative with the Blu-tack.
I’ll probably start with pads and see if the combo is stable enough and sound intact. My stands are weighting 14Kg each.

You’re right, Pets & Children… I’ll have a look on atacama gel pads to see what it is about.

Two packs per speaker isn’t it? :scream:

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I prefer the Kudos approach of screwing the speakers to the stands rather than trusting a bit of Blutac to stop your expensive speakers from falling over, crushing a cat or child, and landing you with a very expensive repair bill.

I used to use Blu-Tack, but it bothered me that the recommended pea-sized blob would compress completely, putting most of the base of the speaker in direct contact with the top plate, which didn’t seem right. And even then, the speaker didn’t feel that secure.

I recently switched to Black Tack, which is stiffer and more stable. I solved the compression problem by putting a single Atabite (just under 1 mm. thick by about 3 mm. in diameter) inside each blob, leaving a small and consistent gap between speaker and plate.

Guys, thanks to all of you for valuable feed-backs. I went the BlueTack route and am very satisfied with the results. Happy listenings!

Remove and replace them once a year or so, if used for too long you may risk to damage the veneer of the speaker at some point as the glue effect becomes stronger with time.

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