Seeing Synology NAS from NDX2


I’m own a NDX2 + nDAC + PS555DR.

I also own a Synology NAS with high res music files.

I’m not able to see the NAS from the NDX2 anymore.

When I open the Naim App and go to “Server” section, I don’t see my NAS among the possible sources.

I’m able to see the NAS from other devices (eg. from my Sony smart tv) but not from the NDX2.

Is there any settings I need to do either on the NDX2 or on the NAS?

Any advice?


Pier Paolo

Turn the NDX2 off and then on again. It should make the nas reappear.

I did it many times. Not working

Ok. Turn off the NDX2. Turn off your router, and switch if you have one. Turn on the router. Let it fully boot up. Turn on the switch. Let it fully boot up. Turn on the NDX2.

  • How is the NDX2 connected to the network? Is it connected in the same way as the TV (cable, wifi, same network?) Did you make any network changes?
  • Can you see the NDX2 from other devices? Can you ping the IP of the NDX2 or go to its IP in an internet browser?

And do the router reboot as HH says

Yes the NDX2 is visible on the network. They are both connected through Ethernet cable.
I’m trying now to switch off the router as HH says

Not working even after rebooting the router

If using the Synology media serve, then you can decrease ssdp advertisement interval. The default is 180, I currently have mine set at 30 and the server appears reasonably quickly. This setting is found in media server, general settings. This setting is the discovery time.
If using another media server try and find the same setting and decrease

Hmmm, odd. I suppose you didn’t change anything either. kend’s post about the SSD advertisement interval is surely a good thing to check, though if you didn’t change anything then I don’t know why it would suddenly have an effect.

One thing you can try is to unplug the cable from the NDX2 and try connecting it by wifi. If this works, it at least rules out some things / narrows it down

SSDP is a function of Synology’s ‘Media Server’
I’m not sure what the other servers like Asset & Minim use.

Naim Streaming Products the common ones that are used are
“Bonjour”, (used by Apple Wireless AirPlay Configuration, Spotify Connect and the Naim app)
“UPnP” (used for locating UPnP servers)
“Ping” (used by Naim music servers for checking that devices hosting music shares and stores are still online).

When any of these auto-discovery services fail (for whatever reason), its invariably because of poorly implemented networks.

Thanks Kend!
I solved thanks to your advice. My discovery time parameter was set to 920 seconds!!!
I changed it 10 sec and now it works well!!
Thanks again


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