Seeking Upgrade path advice

Yours and @timmo1341’s stories are interesting and they make me wonder.

I had a similar issue with my then 552/300 non-DR/Harbeth 40.1s system in my room. Bass was everywhere and I could never get it controlled to my satisfaction. I replaced the Monitor 40.1s with Super HL5 Plus and the problem was solved.

Since then, I had the 300 DR’d. Bass is much more tighter and controlled now, and I suspect that the 300DR could have tamed the 40.1’s bass. Based on your experience, it seems that replacing the 300 with a 250 and keeping the 40.1s could have been another option. TBH I never considered it at the time.

That’s too bad, the Monitor 40’S had the best midrange I’ve heard in any speaker and I’m missing them at times (not that the Super HL5 Plus leave to be desired in that department.)

Back to the thread itself, I would personally upgrade the pre first as others have suggested. But I would skip the 282 and go straight to a 252 if a 300DR is to be the ending point.



Dear Thomas and others. Not having pockets so deep I recently posted on the sweet spot with Naim amps from a technicians point of view. This is not from hearing which may discredit me immediately.

Though if I may distract everyone for a moment when looking at the 250DR and 300DR amplifiers. I may incorrectly perceive that the 300DR is a fully worked 250DR. By separating the power supply to a separate box this removes one current load and heat source. By including a fan in the 300DR, this is one way of removing heat from the power transistors and allowing more power to be squeezed out of them whilst maintaining audio integrity of the signal and preventing thermal runaway of the power amplification section.

The 250DR is specified at 80 watts per channel into 8 ohms where the 300DR is specified at 90 watts into 8 ohms. This if you allow me is a 11.25% increase in power into 8 ohms. I do not want to get into about VA ratings. 400VA vs 500VA, yes the latter is more and more is better. I think (possible mistake here) that the reason to go for a 300DR would be determined by the load your speakers present over their frequency range.

In Australia a:

  1. 252/SC/300DR would cost new $42,900 AUD.
  2. 282/HC x 2/250DR weighs in at $25,850 AUD.

Which equates to a difference of $17,050 AUD. If my maths is correct that would be a 66% increase in expenses to go from option 2 to option 1.

My dealer has advised me that I should base my speaker expense on a price per component of a system. Thus with option 1, one would be expected to pay at least $14k - $18k on speakers before we talk about cables.

With option 2, one would expect to outlay $9k to $10k on loud speakers as an example.

With that in mind, option 1 becomes $60,900 AUD and option 2 becomes $35,850 AUD. Thus our difference is now $25,050.

Where am I going? I wish for the OP, " Bigwell" to keep a balanced approach. Spend more on amplifiers requires one to spend on sources and speakers to keep an even keel. It has changed my view.

Warm regards,

Mitch, from a technicians point of view.

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