Selling House Hide kit?

I might put my house on the market (uk). What worries me if strange people are coming in to view should I be disconnecting and hiding expensive Naim kit and speakers. Obviously that’s a chore but more so might be viewing over several weeks. Or take the risk to just leave as is

Most people won’t know what it is :thinking:


Beat me to it.

Yes leave it be, honestly.

Any prospective purchasers will probably be more interested in making sure you take all the black boxes when you move out.

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Yes, I did think that most people don’t care about quality kit. A friend on mine calls round weekly and he’s never commented on the kit. Guess I’m worrying too much

Trust me, burglars won’t be interested in amps which weigh a ton and will be difficult to sell on. They will generally go for cash / small tech items / jewellery etc.


A friend of mine had a burglary. They stole his Merc, but not his fancy watches, Mont Blanc pens or fine wine. They turned out the drawers in the bedroom and then left. They didn’t disturb his Ferrari, the key for which was next to the key for his Merc.

Now, if you had 500 series kit you might need to worry :wink:

Not really. It’s still just black boxes, and heavier. Similarly Statement come to that.


Probably stolen for parts or for ringing. Many BMWs Mercs and Audis broken by thieves for parts these days. Knew what they were after I would assume. Annoyingly easy to make a profit like that or by ringing with a write off.
It’s not so easy with things like audio equipment.
Can’t see it happening on a wide scale with hifi thank goodness!……perhaps I shouldn’t put the idea out there though!
However, I can just hear the phone call now. “ I’ve got a massive toroidal transformer and some as new DR bits from a Naim 500 for sale”! Not going to be that easy to shift I think. But a cat / engine or a set of alloys / full leather interior from top of the range Merc is a different prospect. Or an identity swap with a write off. Much Bigger market. Easy money unfortunately.

I would ensure that estate agent pics don’t show anything that is particularly expensive, hifi or other things. I would worry less about viewings.

But they know where they can get a Ferrari if they have an “order” for one, even the keys…

They don’t actually, as he moved. And the spare key is now in my safe a few miles from his house instead of in his bedside drawer!

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Yes that is what the police said. This was pre Covid and they said the car would be either abroad en route to Eastern Europe or Africa or broken for parts within the day of them stealing it.

When I sold my flat in Tokyo last year, the estate agent strongly urged me to not box up the hifi if possible for early showings or to at least leave it there until after the photographer has been.

Their justification was that an expensive looking but really tidy music system is an aspirational prop and does a lot for the appeal. Kind of like how pictures of mansions for sale often have exotic sports cars parked outside even if the owner just drives an muddy 30 year old Jaguar.

So I guess it depends on what it looks like.

Personally I ignored their advice as I just didn’t want any of by belongings on public display and had the place totally cleared out before viewings could start.

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I left my system as it is and it was in the photos of the lounge. House is now under offer so I do not see it being an impediment to the sale or a risk really. People like to see a house with furniture and signs of life in it. My agent was clear that clean and tidy with evidence the house is lived in is best, which was how it was presented.

Another issue is these pictures of your house stay out there on the internet for decades! The house we’re buying, within 15 mins of 'tinternet searching we’ve found inside and out pictures going back to the start of the decade!

PS good luck with the house sale :slight_smile:

Visitors to our house do not comment on the black boxes (500 etc) but on the Wilson Benesch speakers which are aprox shoulder height. Often commenting on how much seating space in the room has been lost. These people have no understanding of trying to beat the cinema experience for two people.

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