Bored of Wordle? This is (imo) infinitely superior. Although I like Wordle too. Semantle is altogether a greater challenge and a longer lasting pursuit.

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This is very difficult. I have tried almost 100 guesses today and my best word is only 795/1000….

I haven’t even got into the top 1000 today. Did yesterday’s in 40 which was by far my best

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I’ve got 12 words in the top 1000 but I’m at guess 160 and I got my best word at guess 60, so it’s not developing well!

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Ok I have given it up. I had over 200 guesses and I got to 937/1000 with my 198th guess. I’m done. How does one find out what the word was tomorrow?

If you scroll down there is a Hint button which gives you a slightly better word and a Give Up button which tells you the word.

I got into the mid 900s then multiple hints and I still couldn’t get it. The answer is a bit left field today.

I think this game is to clever for me! I don’t understand why the secret word is semantically similar to the others I found or to the hints.

I agree. Some days it’s just too obscure a connection.

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Well I’ve got to 997/1000 today in under 100 guesses, but the last three words elude me.

Well I got the secret word in 93 guesses…

Well done. I’m stuck on 985 which I got at 22. Now on 78!

I got 965 at guess 6 but it didn’t help that much!

Finally got there. Seems like it could have been any adverb.

My daughter says my wife needs to give me some DIY to do instead!

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Bloody hell - just got today’s word in 19 guesses!

Luck :joy:

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I’m very chuffed. I got the secret word in 149 guesses. I was stuck in the middle 900s and I tried a word that was the opposite of the patch I had explored and that was it!

This is a seriously weird game.

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I have to confess…I used a couple of hints yesterday. Ran out of time. In hindsight, the answer was quite straightforward and I should have got it.

Likewise. It is going to take quite a while to get my head around how this game works.